The walking zombie: Dead city Cheat codes for Coins and Lives, Guide and Tips

Do you like Minecraft-style games? Then download the game The walking zombie: Dead city, in which you, in addition, will have to fight with evil zombies. Square characters are very funny move on the game map, but the game is quite serious and requires full concentration from the player. Zombies can appear from anywhere, but you can anticipate their appearance and quickly destroy them if you already have enough experience in the game and know how to correctly use secret codes. But it’s not hack The walking zombie: Dead city. Surely you thought just that. No, these codes do not violate the rules for obtaining resources. Each of the players can change the gameplay having a lot of game currency. What do you need to do for this? First, you should read the article to the end. You can learn a lot of secret information and learn how to enter the codes correctly. Secondly, you will understand why you do not need to download various files and trust unverified sites.

Bonus codes The walking zombie: Dead city for Android and Ios:

• 11,000 Gold Coins – N # _fM38gd
• Double Score – M # _jD32fh

Toy town captured the army of zombies. The most important problem during the game is that you need to reload the weapon. At this point, the zombies can come too close and hurt you, and maybe even kill. Such situations are very frequent. Now you can buy a more effective weapon that has more power and which does not need to be recharged every few shots.

Secret passage of the game and receiving gold coins using cheats The walking zombie: Dead city.

How long will you be able to hold out one on one with bloodthirsty zombies who want to capture the whole city. The game is the number of days during which you will conduct a fierce war with walking dead. In spite of the fact that the characters in the game already have different abilities, you can improve them without downloading mod The walking zombie: Dead city.

This method can damage your device, so it’s better not to risk it. On your way will be different zombies. This is not only the former residents of the city, but also prisoners. Sometimes you have to fight with fast dogs and other monsters that appear in the city at nightfall. Use the gold The walking zombie: Dead city for any purpose and enjoy unlimited resources in the game.


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