Tiny Bombers for Android, free Coins and Unlock all Skins

Everyone who played “Bomberman” will be pleasantly surprised by the release of new games. Tiny Bombers – the same Bomberman, with optimization for modern devices. Here you need to wade, evade enemies and blow up obstacles to escape. Each level is unique and it passes you have a limited number of lives and an unlimited number of bombs. Cheerful music and intense gameplay. Get through the prickly enemies and walls is difficult. Thus it is necessary to hide from his own bomb explosion. Many people like this game because of its simplicity, others will play for nostalgia. In the game will be present lives, boosters and bonuses that can be collected at the level. Their usage will allow you to earn more experience and get extra coins.

Codes Tiny Bombers:

  • 2 500 coins for free – O8DD9HTA
  • Unlock all skins – QBUAY5TY

The game has the money in the form of coins. Many players are looking hack Tiny Bombers, to obtain additional resources. These are needed to restore the lives of purchase booster packs and new player skin. Unlock all the levels in the game you can consistently passing the job. You can play without stopping, because every time you get to the next level with a new labyrinth. Stopped is quite difficult, you will want to continue to test their capabilities.

The graphics in the game are not quite colorful, great detail is not required. Levels are distinguished the arrangement of blocks, enemies and exit. Also here there is a cooperative mode in which you can play with your friends. Compete for speed, or pass the job together. Secret codes allow to get unlimited coins and buy all the items in the game.

Tiny Bombers money

You can play without restrictions, for this you only need a lot of free time. It is a pleasant pastime with friends. Levels in the game are generated automatically, so every time you get into a new environment. Avoid traps and monsters around them and blow up the walls. Several types of maps and a couple dozen characters will be available for you in the game Tiny Bombers for free. Get a lot of coins and unlock all the characters.


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