Tiny Cow hack Android, free Money acn Cheese cheat codes, not mod

If you want to get rich, then you need to tackle nano technologies. How about cloning cows? Tiny Cow is a free simulator in which you can take one good cow and multiply it as many times as you like. It remains to build a factory nearby to produce different types of cheese and collect money. Never before has a farm been able to grow at such a rate. Cloning allowed to speed up all processes. Now you can quickly become a cheese tycoon, but for this you will need investments. Cheese and money will allow you to build more and more buildings for cows, as well as warehouses for processing. Updates and upgrades of buildings require a lot of money Tiny Cow. They can be obtained free of charge using free purchases. The game store is created to simplify the passage of the game for real money. But the player can do without spending, using bonus codes. They allow you to quickly raise the level in the game and build an entire empire.

Tiny Cow cheat codes:

  • 1,000,000 free money – Wg6_#U74eUgu
  • + 4350 free cheese – cCI_#kQ8BDsn
  • 12 500 000 money for free – SmS_#gKtseIG

Controls in the game are very simple, you need to click on the cows and clone them. But to send them to the right building you will need an assistant. The player can buy different types of dogs that can cope with the herd. After sending the cows to the farm they give you milk, after processing it you get cheese. Cheese is sent for sale and receives money. Each time you grow several times, so you have to save a lot of money for upgrades.

Players prefer to look hack Tiny Cow, you pay the developers for the premium currency. For violation of the rules of the game you can lose your farm and all the achievements. Bonus codes allow you to get additional resources without violating the rules of the game. Use this ingenious plan to get rich. Spend money on renovating buildings, this will increase your turnover.

The game is available for free download on Android and iOS. Downloading Tiny Cow mod you get a unique clicker that simulates the accelerated farm. Here you can get faithful friends to help and equip your farm. Even after earning in millions, you’ll find that the next update will cost a couple of tens of millions. Using bonuses and free purchases, the player gets the opportunity to quickly and free to raise the level and build a powerful corporation.

Tiny Cow cheat codes


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