Tiny Gladiators Cheat codes for Android, free Coins and Gems, secret

Tiny Gladiators is a game arcade genre, but it combines futuristic elements and RPG. Players can visit 4 regions where there are enemies. To go further you need to fight with everyone and beat them in a fair fight. After a series of wins, you will be meeting with the boss. Victory will depend on the characteristics of the character. Precious stones and coins can improve the character and buy any weapon in the game store. In the story of the game, you have to beat everybody to know what happened to your father. The game is a great opportunity for customization. To use them all, you will need a lot of money. The player gets gold coins for ordinary battle. He gets Gems only in case of a victory over the boss, or the significant achievements. Anyone can use the free purchase and get unlimited resources on the account.

Tiny Gladiators cheat codes:

  • 100,000 Coins – 5fn3eNIy
  • 10 000 Gems – 4CMSYx1a

For resources you can create a unique fighter. Combining a variety of weapons and armor you improve performance. The game has dozens of items that can be used for improvements. Many are looking for hack Tiny Gladiators, to gain access to all items. But the game requires an internet connection and you can not have to cheat resources using root access. This violation of the rules and threatens to ban.

Dynamic battles, colorful graphics and unique characters. Manage the game, you can arrow direction and using the appropriate weapons. Victory goes to the one who destroyed the first band of the opponent’s health. In addition to the attacks do not forget to move away from enemy attacks. The battle will not let you get bored, you need to keep moving and to use the skills correctly. You can improve your characters using items.

Tiny Gladiators hack mod

Inventory for pumping quite extensive. Change the arsenal of weapons, upgrade armor to increase performance. Passage of tasks will bring you the experience and unlock access to the arena. You can fight with other players on it and use Tiny Gladiators mod to win is not necessary. With the powerful weapons and armor, you will have a significant advantage over other players. Use the tips and train entering codes for secrets.


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