TO-FU Oh! SUSHI hack code Android, free money, unlock items cheats

TO-FU Oh! SUSHI is a game in which you can feel like a chef at a Japanese restaurant. But this restaurant is not meant for people, but for animals. The quality of the gameplay will surprise you. Sushi looks very realistic and appetizing. You can enjoy the game without additional game currency. But having a lot of virtual money in the game, you can learn a lot of interesting things. It is for this that players often look for hack TO-FU Oh! SUSHI. Customers very often come to the restaurant and make an order. You can please the client if you want and prepare the dish exactly as he wants. But if you want to have fun, you can cook very sharp sushi and watch the reaction of the client. This is a fun and interesting game in which you can not only cheer yourself up, but also learn the subtleties of Japanese cuisine. If you just started playing this game, then you go that many products are blocked.

Cheat Codes TO-FU Oh! SUSHI:

  • Unlock All Items – EIUE-3827-EIU9

In order to completely immerse yourself in the gameplay and prepare delicious sushi, you need to have a lot of money TO-FU Oh! SUSHI. In the game store, they are very expensive. In order not to spend money, you should use the secret codes. They are specified in this article. After that you can use absolutely all the ingredients that you see in the game. It’s very fun and interesting. This game can be interesting not only for children, but also for adults.

Visitors come very often. And each time they order different sushi. There are three types of sushi and a large number of different fillings. Sometimes, the fish is frozen and if the visitor wants to get a certain kind of sushi with a scallop – you need to unlock it. For this, the players want to download TO-FU Oh! SUSHI mod. But we must warn you that downloading various files from suspicious sites can be dangerous for your device. If you want to increase the level of the game, you can use the safe cheat codes.

TO-FU Oh!SUSHI cheat codes

The most interesting thing in this game is cooking food and of course the reaction of visitors. If you receive a specific order, this does not mean that you have to cook sushi exactly as the customer wants. You can add a lot of hot pepper to it and then you can watch the rage of the customer. In addition, he may like your dish, despite the fact that he originally wanted another fish or avocado instead of a cucumber. You will be able to unlock all the products and enjoy sushi cooking. Share this information with your friends.


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