Total Battle Cheats for Gold Coins and Shields for free for Android and iOS, Secrets and Tips

The new game Total Battle has amazing graphics and many interesting details. The game is strategic on this, it is important to remember that your victory will depend not only on the number of virtual resources, but also on your skills. You can get enough resources quickly and free of charge thanks to our method, but in order to become a winner, you must have strategic skills and vision of the game. This is not so easy, because for this purpose you need to devote a lot of time and effort to the game. Just hacking Total Battle will not give you the status of a king, but nevertheless, you can quickly and significantly improve your level. In order not to become a victim of scammers, you must check every source of information in which you are promised to donate a lot of resources for free. The most important thing is not to download various files to the phone and it is advisable not to install the programs, because this can lead to the loss of personal data or to similar problems.

Cheat Codes Total Battle for Android and Ios:

• 70 000 Gold Coins – U_w83rwdi
• Double Shields – K_e34riefdj
• Double Resources (Wood, Coins, etc.) – G_s75eifhdc

Having received these resources, your account will no longer depend on anything. You can fight with the strongest opponent and of course win. Use even more virtual currency in order to gain power in the whole kingdom. Chita Total Battle – this is your chance for a free and more interesting game without limits.

The plot of the game, the passage and secrets:

You can get a lot of virtual currency and secure a quiet game for the coming month. After that you can safely repeat the input codes without downloading Total Battle mods and on your game account there will be a lot of gold, shields, wood, metal and other resources necessary for battles.

Here everything is like in real life, and only you are responsible for everything. You can sneak up to the Senate and choose the King, which will lead the kingdom to prosperity. More than fifty thousand downloads in a short time. You too can join this exciting game and become one of the favorites. Enter the codes according to the instructions that are listed on our website and get a lot of virtual resources without paying a penny.


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