Total Clash cheat codes Android, free Gold & Money. Secret & Tips

Total Clash is a free mobile strategy on Android and iOS. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play or Apple Strore, but it’s difficult to play without money. Gold in the game acts as a premium currency and allows you to quickly raise your level in the game and build an empire. Therefore, often players are looking for Total Clash hack to get resources for free. In this article you will find tips that will allow you to get free gold, food and building resources for free, without hacking and breaking the rules of the game. To describe this game, suffice it to say that its gameplay is similar to Clash of Clans. Here you have to build a castle and fight with other players. Players participating in beta testing received codes for free resources. There are other bonus codes, for a large number of free resources. This allows the player to develop the level of his empire and all buildings for free and quickly. To get real benefits, you will learn enough to use secrets.

Total Clash codes:

  • 1 750 VIP points – J6RYS8SF*37
  • 24 540 Gold – XBECIL36*32
  • 100 AP x 50 – TDQYL7TS*94
  • 5 000 equipment EXP – QH4FIZDK*17

Money and rewards in the game can be obtained for performing a variety of actions. Connect the game account to social networks, visit the game every day, as well as perform daily tasks and missions. But this will not give you a significant advantage over other players and donators. To speed up the processes in the game you need money, as well as ViP points, which allows you to open access to paid items. Total Clash cheats allow you to receive significant amounts of resources for free.

Overview Total Clash:

The graphics of the game showed itself with the best hand, a large number of unique characters. Build buildings and improve them using money. Increasing characteristics you get more output of food, wood and increase the strength of the army. The game takes place in the 19th century, the game will appeal to all strategy lovers. Become a commander and acquire allies, using the alliance you can always call for help and get additional resources.

Using all the resources of the game, you can quickly create your own fortress. To use purchases in the game, you do not need to download Total Clash mod, or enter personal data. This will unlock all types of troops and buildings. Strengthen your buildings every time you raise the level. Battles take place in real time, be ready to defend their possessions. Strategically, skills are very important games, constantly train and learn weak points of defense. Improve the power of the army and use different types of heroes to battle with real players.

Total Clash cheat codes

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