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Crystals, gold, precious stones, gold, money, army, warriors, energy, cards, chests – all these are Cheats Tower Сonquest. The hacked version has an increased potential and countless features, which are described later in this article. Purpose of the game The conquest of the towers is to destroy the enemy’s tower before it destroys yours. At the bottom of the screen there are fighters, mana and spells. You spend mana to summon fighters, its number slowly replenishes with time. Each warrior has a price of mana, for which he is summoned on the battlefield. You can also speed up the game process – in the upper right corner there is a button, press it to make everything happen faster.

Cheat codes Conquering towers (hacked version) :

1. I0y85475Q0
2. zyi45735mlI
3. b534745MB
4. Vik84574J6

Crystals, gold, gems, gold, money, army, warriors, energy, cards, chests + bug fixes and bugs

After each victory, gold and experience are given out. With each new level you can get a chest with maps of the army, gold and crystals. It is necessary to collect enough cards to unlock the new fighter. Use cheats to improve your fighters! Improved fighters with codes become much more powerful and develop their abilities.

Android cheats Tower Сonquest hacked version of the codes

Do not forget to raise the mana level in combat. For example, a black knight is a hardy but expensive advanced fighter! You need to raise the level of mana to summon him. Defeated enemies sometimes leave behind themselves spheres of mana, coins, cheats and codes!

Tower Сonquest hack

Click on these areas to fill mana reserves or reveal the destructive abilities of the skills of the hacked version of the game. All bonuses are different from each other, but they are very useful! Archers are powerful but vulnerable fighters with a large radius of defeat! Protect them with the help of other warriors.

Without downloading Tower Сonquest Mod apk – Crystals, gold, gems, gold, money, army, warriors, energy, cards, chests

Tower Conquest Tips: Sparks around the fighter say that his level can be upgraded with cheats or codes. Do not forget only that – the maximum level of the character can not be higher than your own. The Shielder takes more damage without a shield, attack to weaken his defense. Cheats are a great way to get precious stones (crystals) and gold coins, enter letter codes every day! In the hacked version, the Conquest of the card towers is necessary to unlock and perfect the fighters. Go to the army tab to see your cheat codes. Some fighters can attack because of the line of defense! Use local attacks to destroy them.

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