Traffic Drag Racer Cheat codes for Android, free Money and Unlock Car

Enjoy the race, or just drive through the crowded streets? Then Free Traffic Drag Racer arcade racing will please you. Select traffic density and forward, earning money. They in the game are needed to unlock all the cars. Each of them has its own characteristics. More speed, better control and acceleration. The higher the speed, the faster growing distances, points and rewards accordingly.  For the money you can buy more expensive, fast car. If you are a fan of a particular car, you can spend money to improve it. To get a lot of money, the player does not need to download the mod, or receive special rights. Free purchases on Android, available to everyone for free, using them is very simple, but more on that in the instructions.

Traffic Drag Racer cheat codes:

  • 150 000 Money – ys*Cb1tc3
  • Double experience and money – yF*pZLO1y
  • Unlock premium cars – Q7*UHzcsv

For high speed movement you need a fast machine. To earn more points to move at maximum speed. Dangerous maneuvers also will add points for you. For the maximum number you need to make a lot of combo – dangerous maneuvers. If you do it at full speed, you get a lot of money upon completion. Is not necessarily to use hack Traffic Drag Racer, to obtain a lot of money.

Free purchases with secret codes will allow you to unlock all the cars. You can not save money on improvements and update the details. It will not lead to a loss of interest, because you can always compete with your friends on the record of points, or distance traveled. In the game quite a large selection of cars, you can even get a police car, and to break all the rules on it.

Traffic Drag Racer hack

The graphics in the game is not at the highest level, but it is possible to optimize the game. It works without error, and the control is very accurate. Each machine is controlled by its own way. To experience all are not necessarily to download mod Traffic Drag Racer, or use hack. It is free to download and you can unlock any car with a strong desire. And if you want to do it more quickly, use the tips and get additional benefits.


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