Trail of Treasures Hack, Cheat, codes for Android, free Coins & Rubies

Trail of Treasures is an adventure game in which you can collect treasures on a real map. Go to the next expedition on GPS in search of resources. In the water you will find fish, in the woods a tree and so on. To go through the game and raise the level will have to walk a lot. This is undoubtedly a plus, because gamers are used to playing without moving. And here you will need to travel a lot and change locations in order to collect the necessary amount of resources. In the game there is also a game store, in it you can buy rubies and gold. In order not to use the hack Trail of Treasures, a player can use secret codes. They give the player the advantage of developing their own character. Increase your detective skills and create new items. Exchange money for the resources you need on the Internet, buy new items. Improve your skills and develop search technologies to collect the rarest treasures. Travel to different locations to get different items.

Codes Trail of Treasures:

  • 43 500 coins – XVNK#JYglDp
  • 3,450 Rubies – ZIQW#oj3Ua8

Get significant advantages when searching, use premium currency for quick energy recovery. Create new search items from rare items and speed up the process. Conduct unusual expeditions and become number one, having a lot of money left. To use cheats Trail of Treasures, the player does not need to get root or jailbreak rights, which guarantees the safety of the tool.

Review, the secrets of passing the game and receiving money:

The game has a nice pixel-type graphics. There is a world map on which you can travel and collect resources. In this case, there is a link to your GPS position. Pokemon Go became pioneers of this genre. The developers will try to repeat the success and promise the possibility of exchanging the collected treasures for real money. This is a very entertaining story, but to get a small ingot of gold, you will have to invest money in the game.

The gameplay of the game takes place in real time. If you want to download mod Trail of Treasures and get a lot of money, it’s impossible. Internet connections make strong protection against hacking. Therefore, to obtain resources, the player can use the game store. Bonus codes allow you to get gold and precious stones for free. This will raise the level and even get into the standings of the best players. But get ready to walk a lot, if you want to achieve a lot. Of course you can search for a break in location, or replace it, but this threatens the loss of all achievements.

Trail of Treasures cheat codes

Use secrets and get rare items and more opportunities. Share secrets with friends.


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