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Transit King is a new simulator in which you have to change the infrastructure of a whole city and make it perfect – that is, the way you want it. Each player can get a lot of free virtual money and gold coins. Another question is how to do it without violating the rules of the game. And also, this method should be safe for your mobile device and gaming account. There is a way that combines all these criteria. Surely you thought it was a hack Transit King. But, unfortunately, this is not so. Such methods can help you only if you know how to use it correctly and where to look for this information. The popularity of this game can be explained by the fact that it is very exciting and makes you play again and again. If you want to get distracted and do something interesting, then rather download this game and enjoy more opportunities using the secrets described below.

Bonus codes for Transit King for Android and Ios:

  • 200 000 Gold Coins – UB5_#xWpyL
  • 40 000 Cash – FiC_#k92el
  • Double Fuel – NbD_#VAc6P

Enter these codes and get the virtual currency in a few minutes. But the most common problem is ignorance of users about where to enter the codes. Everyone can use Transit King cheats, and you as well. The most important thing is to get access to the instructions. On our site it is written what you should do in order to get an opportunity to read the instructions.

Review of the game, getting gold coins and money:

You have the opportunity to build the city of your dreams. Use it and get a lot of privileges in this game. First, you no longer have to save virtual money. You can buy all the necessary building materials, build houses, roads and refuel cars. Note that this will all get to you without downloading Transit King mod.

Despite the fact that this game is a simulator, you must come up with your own strategy. It should be thought-out and logical. Your final results depend on this. The more objects you build, the more difficult it will be to monitor them. For this we need not only money, but also experience. Share this article with your friends and get access to instructions on how to use secret codes.


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