Tribal Raft: A Far Ride Cheats for Gems and Score for free, Secrets and Tips for Android

Incredibly bright and cheerful game Tribal Raft: A Far Ride is your opportunity to distract yourself and get great pleasure from rafting on the river. But these are not some modern kayaks with tourists who have all the necessary equipment. You must control a caveman who accidentally fell asleep on a log on the river bank. By accident, he was carried straight to the river with a rapid current. But it does not matter if you help him to cope with this problem.
You can improve your hero’s skills and save him from permanent traps without using hack Tribal Raft: A Far Ride. How to do it? That one is very simple. On our site there is all the detailed information and even the instruction. If you do not need it or you have already entered the codes before – just use the cheats that you see below in the article.

Bonus codes Tribal Raft: A Far Ride:

• Double the rewards – B_398wierjf
• Get 3X life – N_458hxeifxd
• 1900 Green Gems (Crystals) – B_580sebidf

Use these tricky methods you can become an experienced player and continue the game even after your hero takes to the shore or after he hits the stone. All this can be done very simply. Use the Green Gems to buy the items you need and improve your hero. The gaming shop has everything you need.

How to get Crystals and life without downloading mod Tribal Raft: A Far Ride:

Yes, everyone knows that mod files can harm a mobile device, but no one forces you to download them. If you decide to use bonus codes, then you generally can not download the mod, since the cheats Tribal Raft: A Far Ride only work on the official version of the game, being its code part. If you do not know how to enter them correctly, then you can access the instructions on our website. It’s very simple to do. I need to confirm that you are a real person. To do this, distribute this information in social networks.

If you think that you will be able to learn a memory card and continue to overcome obstacles, then you are mistaken. First, it would take you a very long time, and secondly the game map is constantly changing. There are new obstacles and dangerous fragments. Your hero rushes at great speed and can not be paused. One way out is to be adroit, react quickly and use our secret cheat codes.


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