Tribal Trials Android free Money, not downloading mod

Pass the tribal testing, accept the challenge Tribal Trials 3 in a row on Android and iOS. Collect a combination with funny little animals, defeating predators and discover new islands. For a combination, you can collect the money and bonuses. This will allow you to protect your tribe from others, take on the role of leader. Find the dragon eggs and become the son of the dragon.  Travel across the continent and collect coins. In addition, you need to have stamina, which acts as energy. It can be purchased for real money in the game store. For purchases in the game you do not need root or jailbreak rights. To get gems and endurance in the game you can use the following tools.

Purchases Tribal Trials:

  • 7890 Diamonds – H2S#apJa15B
  • 10 million coins – TRI#T0rzXpM

It is very important to have money Tribal Trials, to discover new islands. With the help of coins the player can build his own family, buy buildings and objects. Using gems, you can speed up the process, restore power. The prosperity of your settlement and its development depends on you, Also the mind is required to collect large combinations. This game combines several genres. Here you will be able to develop and build, and also pass a number of interesting levels.

After the completion of the task the player gets a chest with coins. Using them you can attack your competitors using a gun. This will rob their stocks and receive money for the construction of their own tribe. Gold coins in the game play a major currency, but using crystals player receives the speed of development and improving. As in every three in a row, you need to collect a combination of shapes. The powerful combination the stronger your attack is.

For interesting through the levels, you have a parallel development and construction. This requires money, which can not be obtained by the banal hack Tribal Trials. After all, no one will give you the download mod from a personal account, and with a lot of money. At the same time for free. It is better to use the skills of the passage 3 in a row and intelligently manage money. With the help of promo codes, you can get a little money for development and a quick start in the game. The rest of the success will depend on your enthusiasm for the game. Share with your friends, connect to Facebook and receive additional bonuses.

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