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Tropicalla cheat codes

101xp pleases us with new games, and now it’s hacked Tropicalla game. The action begins with the fact that the protagonist is in the sea off the shores of a mysterious island and does not understand where he is or what happened to him. When he gets to the land, he finds his backpack. Over time, you remember that you flew in an airplane and it crashed, by some miracle you survived. The first thing you need is to build a dwelling (a hammock that will supply you with 24 mussels). Further, food is needed, which can be obtained from beds. But bad luck, for watering you need fresh water, for this we create a dropper and plant tomatoes, considerably watering the collected water.

Cheat codes Tropicalla for Android and iOS for free:

1) Tree – H-323
2) Stones – L-523
3) Palm leaves – R-421
4) Drawings – l-658. Required for the construction of buildings.
5) Water – Q-439. Collected water you can water the plants.
6) Diamonds – K-193
7) Energy – A-589
8) Open the whole foggy terrain – B-674. You can build where you want.
9) cheats on resources – Z-910
10) instant construction – W-593

The development of the camp requires more territory, so we will explore the nearby tropicalla neighborhoods for 150 mussels. Next, not to die of hunger, we catch fish and collect blueberries, then we build a canopy in a shady part.

To accelerate the passage of the game, you can activate the pirated plan and get:
1) production in dwellings is 30% faster;
2) the actions of characters are 30% faster;
3) increased energy limit.

Tropicalla hack

The protagonist eventually notes that he is not alone on the island and decides to set off and find the source of sound, but he has obstacles on his way. It is necessary to destroy spiders and snakes and get through the thickets of plants, for which you need tools. All secrets anf Tips Tropicalla

Free Hack Tropicalla without downloading mod apk:

The tools are produced in the workshop, namely: board, sandbag, glue, stone block, packing of nails, torch, rope, palm fabric, nylon, shovel, hammer, knife, fishing rod, magnifier, metal beam, fins, telescope, machete . These materials will help to survive on the island of tropicalla and significantly accelerate the development of civilization.

Having created a torch in the workshop, we open one more part of the island and meet there an surviving person who is so glad to meet you. From the conversation we learn that a man built a boat to fish, but he met pirates who significantly damaged the ship. We try to help him with the repair.

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