Truck Driver Crime Guy Cheats for free Cash, Power and Lives for Android and iOS, Tips

Get a lot of money for free, without using the hack Truck Driver Crime Guy. This is a realistic virtual life in which you can rob, steal cars, motorcycles, get a lot of adrenaline and build relationships with other people. Also, you can secure yourself a full purse of virtual money thanks to our secrets. This game is very addictive, it can play whole money, because it’s a prototype of real life in a huge city, where you can do whatever you want.

The only drawback is that the game has a game store. And if you want to buy something, then you are required to pay in the form of real money. If you are not yet ready to spend money in the game, then rather use our cheats Truck Driver Crime Guy. This is a simple, fast and free method that does not violate the rules, unlike other hacking methods. And in general, this can not be called breaking, as cheat codes were invented by developers.

Secret Codes Truck Driver Crime Guy for Android and IOS:

• 190 000 Cash – C_r329refij
• Double Power and Lives – B_d948fbuko

This game is only available for Android, but once it is released for IOS devices and you want to download it, you will be able to enter the same codes to quickly get the virtual currency. You can perform various tasks in the game, or you can simply ride or walk around the city. In the game there are almost no restrictions.

How to enter cheats Truck Driver Crime Guy correctly to get money and energy:

You can steal any car and travel around the whole city. Get a lot of money in order to improve the game quickly and for free. The longer you play, the more experience you will get. And this will allow you to steal steep racing cars, motorcycles and trucks. To increase the experience, you do not need to download mod Truck Driver Crime Guy, which only brings negative consequences.

To improve the gameplay is very important to improve the skills of your hero. You can receive bonuses for various stunts on vehicles and longer to remain stamina, for example, if your hero needs to swim a long distance. The game Truck Driver Crime Guy can be completely free for you if you unlock the instruction, which describes all the secrets of entering codes.


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