Truck Simulator USA for Android, free Cash and Unlock all Car

Take the private management of a huge truck and on a trip to America. Game Truck Simulator USA on Android allows everyone to become a truck driver, travel, transport goods. For assignments player receives remuneration in the form of money. Big truck with huge size and length of the trailer. You have to be very careful to keep the goods in integrity and deliver on time. Before the game walk through a small training and choose a convenient control. Turns can be manually carried out, or by using the accelerometer. You can also enable automatic or manual gearbox. On the map you will see a luminous point at which you need to become in order to attach or detach the load. Follow the route on the map and follow all the indicators. Earn rewards and unlock all the cars in the game.

Codes Truck Simulator USA for purchases:

  • 50 000 gold coins – I7JY-OY4M*TS
  • 500 000 Money – J4AL-EH5A*BQ

The game has a lot of functions that create real control effect cars. You need to follow the rules, to deliver the goods. Earned Money Truck Simulator USA can be spent on the purchase of new, more powerful tractors and opening of new territories. Use the free purchase to unlock all the features of the game. The player can turn on the high beam, as well as turn signals.  In addition, you can help on the road to your colleagues, or ask for it. To do this at your disposal portable radio to follow the news on the road. Nice graphics, day and night, as well as weather conditions.

Physics Management will allow you to feel the difference in the power of the car. The game has a large selection of American models. You have to ride on Canada and Mexico, which promise a large variety. Rain, snow and sun, all this will affect your way. Be careful and watch out for the amount of fuel in your tank. And just in time to stop to rest. You can also change the view of management to comfortable, look at the car from behind, from above or from the salon.

Truck Simulator USA money

First you will get a low-power truck that soon you can change. Many players are looking for hack Truck Simulator USA. For some cars reach the cost up to a million dollars, and to get that will have to spend a lot of time. Also there are models which are purchased for a premium currency. Using codes the player can experience all the cars in the game for free and without downloading  mod. Enjoy the gameplay, go through the single task and play with friends.

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