Twisty Sky hack iOS free Money, unlock Characters free Cheat codes

Twisty Sky is an endless arcade game in which you need to collect the ladder and climb as high as possible. On your way there will be many obstacles in the form of boxing gloves, blades, escalators and many others. To send a hero to fly, you have to pass all the tests and go up as high as possible. The basis of the gameplay is that you can rotate the tower which are located above and below you. On each of them there are stairs, you need to collect them as you progress through the level. Once the ladder is assembled, you can go up one block. In the game there are daily quests and rewards for them. They allow you to unlock all the characters in the game. Often, players are looking for hack Twisty Sky, to get free coins and unlock all the characters. In this article we tell you how to do without violating the rules of the game and unlock all items. To use the secrets is sufficient to study the instructions for commissioning, which is located at the bottom of the article. And in order to play this game you need speed and reaction insight.

Twisty Sky codes:

  • 4NG6GVTL – Golden Goose;
  • YCZPUQBN – Piggy Banker;
  • WHO81ULX – Party Parrot;
  • GE0OO8XZ – Unicorn;
  • H2PW9ZGN – PiƱata;

These tips will help get the sets from the game store and unlock objects and characters in the game. Play without worrying about the lack of coins, at any time, you can replenish their numbers. Train your reflexes and move on the level as quickly as possible. But do not forget that you have three lives. Avoid the traps and bats. Using cheats Twisty Sky, you can always restore its resources and continue the game.

The game has not one right way, there may be several. Use the escalator and mazes to move on the block if you do not see the need to travel. Avoid chasing and meeting with enemies and at the same time try to collect coins. To get rid of enemies that will haunt you for the constructed stairs you can destroy the tunnels beneath them. To win, you need to quickly climb up and avoid obstacles.

Some players strongly fixated on the coins and are afraid to miss them. Some are looking for where to download Twisty Sky mod to get them an unlimited amount. But all this does not need you, if you learn to use the provided secrets. The large coin set will unlock all the characters in the game and enjoy the gameplay. The game has an addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and nice voice acting. Share your secrets with your friends and compete.

Twisty Sky cheat codes


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