Unknown Heroes Cheats for Diamonds and Gold Coins for free for Android and iOS

A new role-playing game from Nexon will bring you a lot of vivid impressions and an unlimited number of diamonds without using an Unknown Heroes hack. Developers present to your attention a modern Japanese school, where brave heroes fight for justice with dark forces. You too can become a part of this game and help them achieve their goal. Each player has the ability to do this. In order to quickly and free to get a lot of diamonds and gold coins. The given company of developers of mobile games always pleases its users with quality games. You can become a part of this game and get access to our instructions, which will allow you to use the Unknown Heroes cheats, which you can see below. These codes are the simplest and safest way to get a virtual currency. If you want to get even more resources, you need to use our codes without downloading other files. Codes work only on official versions of games, if you downloaded the game on unofficial sites, the codes will not work on your device.

Cheat Codes Unknown Heroes for Android and Ios:

• 40 000 Gold Coins – V_rg2309r8eif
• 12,000 Diamonds – N_dh4879feisd

Surely, you already know how to improve the game, but if you are a beginner, you should be aware of the importance of gaining a game experience that can give you even more resources. Help your favorite heroes reach their goal and unlock all necessary resources. You can also learn some secrets in our instructions.

Downloading mod Unknown Heroes, you need it or not? How to get a lot of gold and diamonds:

In addition, you can explore the futuristic Hong Kong. It’s not just a city. In the game, he is a mysterious, futuristic bewitched world in which evil is hidden. Your characters can move around the city on foot, by metro, by car. In general, you can see the real life in the virtual world. Develop your characters so that they can fight enemies more effectively.

Gold coins and diamonds Unknown Heroes is not just a game currency. You can completely change the game with these tools. You will need to consider each step before you enter a strategic battle. This game has a huge number of interesting elements, which include collecting daily treasures for opening dungeons, crafting, battles and much more.


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