Up the Wall free Coins, Unlock all Characters for Android & iOS

Want to unlock all the characters of the game, or disable advertising without using the hack Up the Wall? In this article you will find tips that will help you get a lot of money and use any of the characters to complete the game. Follow the steps in the instructions, you can get complete freedom in the game and enjoy a variety of worlds. If you like the game and the difficulties, it does not concern the limitations that each player is experiencing. Constant advertising, as well as the need for money to re-pass. The Up the Wall game is quite complex and requires not only a quick reaction, but also an infusion of small money. The most interesting characters require you to buy in the game store. And many offer free mod download and get unlocked heroes. It does not work and can damage your device. Use free purchases, a player can get it all legally, through the game store.

Codes Up the Wall:

  • Start Pack – S0fCG5_#UW
  • NO ADS – QnAej7_#UW
  • Duck – hVNO83_#UW
  • Donut Cat – aazjsC_#UW
  • Frog – EYrHsX_#UW
  • Fighter – X11Qrc_#UW
  • Heart – geFT6K_#UW
  • Macaron – P1Rj6N_#UW
  • Unicorn – buZEE5_#UW
  • Skull – iGo4ys_#UW

Discover all the worlds and set new records. Earn the maximum score and get additional rewards in the game. Each player can even more diversify the gameplay. Use the cheats Up the Wall to use all the resources of the game. Try out all the characters and choose a favorite, beat the previous records and enjoy the game.

Review of the game, guide and secrets of the passage

A game from well-known developers of arcade bestsellers Turbo Chilli. It will keep you in suspense and demand full concentration, a fast-changing track. Here you are expected not only 3D graphics, but also moving in three-dimensional space. Graphics is blocky, with a lot of obstacles, boosters, accelerators and traps. You have to strain all the convolutions to finish all the levels.

You can play for free, but disabling advertising, buying characters requires an infusion of real money. And if you want to get all the characters for free, you do not need to download Up the Wall mod, or get special rights. It is enough to know the codes for free purchases. They work well on Android & iOS devices.

Many heavy levels are not always given the first time, try to relax and start the game later, or change the character to change the situation.


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