US Creator free Gems, Money – Cheat codes for Android, secret & Tips

US Creator is a new puzzle game. Perhaps, you already know how to control the game, because the way of control is very simple. You just need to connect the same blocks that appear on the playing field. In addition, you must do this quickly and think about each step before you make it. On each small square there is one object. You must not only connect it to the same square, but also put it on the right place in order to connect the next two squares next time. As much as you do not want to get a lot of gems, hack US Creator does not help you do this if you do not recognize certain secrets. Firstly, you must remember that many sites simply can not provide users with a real hack. You will not be able to find valuable information on such sites. In order to get as soon as possible free resources – read this article to the end.

Bonus codes US Creator for Android and IOS:

  • 20 000 Gems – CT#uSZkA
  • 34 000 Gems – Gn#ZNm60
  • Double Score – Ut#FM1vl

You can control the game simply by touching the screen. You have to drag your finger to the right or left, so all the squares with the various houses and sights of America will move to the right or to the left. At the bottom of the screen you see the number of gems and additional items that can simplify the gameplay. Using the cheats US Creator you can buy many necessary items.

Features of the game, the secrets of obtaining gems:

There are a lot of similar games in which you need to connect different items or numbers. But in this game you have the opportunity to build a whole city and even a whole country. Which one do you want to see in America? This is how you manage the game, build houses, the Empire State Building and even the Statue of Liberty. All in your hands.

In order to increase the number of points, you must enter the appropriate code before passing the level. Thus the multiplier of glasses will be included. If you want to buy additional resources without downloading US Creator mod, then our cheats are what you need. The secret codes are already known to you. It remains only to read the instructions for the game. You can find this information on our website, for this – share this article on social networks and tell your friends.


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