Valerian: City of Alpha free Cash, Uranium for android – Secret & Tips

Raise the level and get more reputation points using secrets. You do not need Valerian: City of Alpha hack to get more uranium and premium currencies. Get a lot of money on the account for free, secret secrets work on all Android devices and iOS. Discover a multitude of universes for battles and concluding peace treaties. Game Valerian: City of Alpha created by the film Luc Besson “Valerian and the city of thousands of planets.” In it, the player can take the lead and create his own city in the universe. For this, you need to travel through a fantastic universe, explore and use new technologies. Everyone can create a peaceful city, create new units and use new technologies. Use tips to quickly raise the level in the game and open the farthest points in the universe. Enter into contracts with different races and create alliances.

Codes Valerian: City of Alpha:

  • 50,000 Uranium – nAReIVg3*27
  • +100 Energy – oi82vLIA*28
  • 1 720 Primium – v638I9WX*64

Use the bonus codes from the premium version of the game to replenish the account with resources. Play more freely and without limits. Prosperity of the city “Alpha” will depend only on you. The number of residents and races that you can unite in one city is amazing. Using cheats Valerian: City of Alpha, a player can remove restrictions, speed up processes, buy paid items and game sections.

Review of the game, tips for passing

The game will appeal to all fans of fiction. Traveling to different universes and cities, communicating with many races and creating your own pride. The most valuable are technologists, different kinds have their secrets and developments. Travel to learn and improve your own knots. Before you is not an easy task, each player chooses the path of development of relations with each race.

Your choice will depend on the population of your city. Use the premium currency to open new technology, it will attract new residents to your city and will raise the level. Cooperate and make contracts with alien races. You do not need to download Valerian: City of Alpha mod to get an advantage. Increase the number of sections and orbits and travel the universe. Use the money you received to hire an elite team and quickly complete complex expeditions.


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