Viking Dash Cheat, codes for iOS – Tips, Guide for free Gold Coins

Viking Dash for Ios is a game about a brave Viking that has a touch of humor and strategy. At the moment the game is intended only for IOS devices, but soon will be released version for Android. As always, the game has a virtual currency, which is designed to improve the gameplay. Anyway, every player would like to have a lot of virtual money in the game. This allows you to get limitless opportunities in the game. Hack Viking-Dash promises you a lot of coins, but remember that this is not always true. Each player has the right to use a hacking, but you should be aware of the danger and bad consequences. We do not require much attention from you, but if you have already found this article, then you are interested in getting a lot of money. We do not suggest that you break the rules of the game. After such actions, your account may be blocked. Check every site, do not trust everything that is written on the Internet.

Bonus codes Viking-Dash for Ios, Android:

  • 9 000 Gold coins for free – SsO7_#uV3Gr

Note that the game is very important strategy and correct tactics. You can change in the game absolutely everything you want using Viking-Dash cheats. They were invented by game developers, and this is talking about the safety and reliability of this method. During the testing of the game you need gold coins, this allows you to quickly pass through all levels. That’s why these codes were developed.

Review of the game, the secrets of passing and receiving gold coins:

At first glance, it may seem that the game is too difficult to control, but you will be convinced of the opposite, when you pass the first levels. You must guide the Viking with your finger. After that, he flies on a given trajectory. After a few unsuccessful levels, you can easily manage your hero. If you pass the level perfectly, you can get a maximum of stars (three).

As you noticed, the game is pretty funny, thanks to funny characters. At the top of the screen is the amount of gold coins you have to increase the number of them you do not need to download Viking-Dash mod. Just use the cheat codes. In order to do this correctly – carefully read the instructions for using the codes. Share this information with your friends and get even more secrets for a successful game.

Viking-Dash hack


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