Vikings Fate Cheat Codes for Gold Coins for free, Android and iOS Guide & Tips

The new game Vikings Fate is in testing mode, but you can already enjoy the gameplay. Did you think that the Vikings are very harsh? Then devote a few minutes to this game and you will be amazed to observe how the developers of this game interpret these warriors. Perhaps over time, this kind of game will not seem funny to you, but your mood will be guaranteed to be raised. The main game currency are gold coins with a characteristic image. In order to get them you need to collect meat or destroy other Vikings on the battlefield. But it’s not so easy. It’s much easier to use Vikings Fate hack and do not waste your time developing the character. Or, on the contrary, accelerate this process and your Viking will immediately turn into a huge big guy with a sharp ax in his hands. If you do this, then you can get a lot of fun from the gameplay, destroying everything in its path.

Cheats codes Vikings Fate for Android and IOS:

• 40 000 Gold Coins – D # _Db39ei
• Unlock All items and Levels – M # _Mdh84ji

Vikings are very funny moving around and requires special attention to the sound of the game. It really raises the mood and makes you smile. As you already understood, using free Vikings Fate cheats, you can get a lot more than in a gaming store, besides, you do not have to spend real money.

How to get the gold coins Vikings Fate for free, use the secrets:

Having received a lot of resources, you can develop the Viking and compete with other strong players on the level. Moving on the game map, pay attention to the right corner of the screen. There you can see where you better move or what you should avoid. The dots indicate the largest Vikings and places where you can find meat.

This resource is very necessary during the game, as with it, you can increase the energy level of your viking. If you see that the life indicator turns red, then you need to immediately look for food. If you kill a large Viking, then you can get double bonuses and a huge piece of meat. In order to get free funds for your personal order, you do not need to download Vikings Fate mod. Just share this article on social networks.


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