Voodoo Heroes Cheat Codes for Money, Crystals for Android, Free Secrets and Tips

Are you also afraid of voodoo dolls? Fans of the new game Voodoo Heroes admit that this game is very gloomy and frightening. But you can overcome the dark side and free yourself from danger due to the large amount of money in the game. As always, the main problem of this game is a game store, or rather forced purchases. You have to spend real money if you want to get a huge amount of virtual resources in the game. Hack Voodoo Heroes is a method that very rarely helps players who use it. The most important thing is to find reliable information that will give you the opportunity to really get free resources and improve the game. If you find and read this article, then you do not want to spend money in the game store. Then, read the article to the end, here is a method for free receiving resources, without downloading files and without risk for the game account.

Cheat Codes Voodoo Heroes for Android and IOS:

• 80 000 Money – V_g4r9wedi
• 30,000 Crystals – C_e8c9 taxi

The main feature is that all the dungeons in the game are generated automatically, you can not remember the structure of the labyrinth and wander in dangerous places until you come across the evil dolls who want to kill you. What can be scarier. But thanks to the crystals and money that you can get using Voodoo Heroes cheats for free, you will become the winner and destroy the dark forces.

Game secrets, review and passage, how to enter codes:

In order to answer this question, you must unlock the instruction on the introduction of codes, which is on our website. This is a simple method by which you do not have to download Voodoo Heroes mod or get the rights to hack the game. In order to overcome all the difficulties you can simply improve the game.

Each new level will be accompanied by new dangers and a lot of adrenaline, because this is not just an ordinary game, it’s a game about voodoo dolls. The name of the game itself can tell what the game is about. Absolutely all the characters, even your personal hero have this style. Instead of the eyes they have buttons, the mouth is sewn with black thread, hands, feet and head are also altered. You can get enough virtual resources in order to buy new dolls absolutely for free. Read the instructions and fulfill all requirements, and especially distribute this article in social networks.


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