Voyage: Africa Run Cheat codes for Android & iOS Unlock all Levels, cars

Realistic graphics – that’s not all. This game will give you a lot of adrenaline, if you use this hack Voyage: Africa Run for free. Overtake cars and quickly reconfigure from one car series to another. You can use virtual currency for free using secret codes. What do I need to do? Just spend five minutes reading the instructions and that’s it. You do not have to download Voyage: Africa Run mod (many gamers are scared). The reason for not wanting to download mod files is quite understandable – this method is unsafe and can lead to the loss of personal data. That’s why we do not recommend you do it. Among other things, you can become the leader of battles, as a result of which, you are guaranteed to receive many additional virtual resources and bonuses. Every fan of this game dreams about it.

Cheats Voyage: Africa Run for Android:

  • There is no obvious virtual currency in the game. You can use the secret code Gw-ft39egi, which will allow you to unlock all the best cars in the game for free.
  • In addition, you can explore new locations using the code Uy-r39wegih. It will allow you to unlock new levels for free.

Surely you could compare this racing game with the game Street Chasing Speed ​​Racing, but there is one major difference. It is that you travel to Africa. This is a wild country, which has a huge area, many dangerous routes and desert routes. You will be able to drive inside a huge aquarium, meet wild animals and fight a difficult landscape, but your main goal is to survive as long as possible invulnerable.

Secrets of passing, how to unlock everything in the game Voyage: Africa Run:

To better learn the gameplay you have to train a lot. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons for improving the game. Hacked Voyage: Africa Run will bring you a lot more positive emotions, as you can without waiting to use all the necessary resources, unlock cars and levels, which is very important. Players who fully enjoy the game process, get a lot more adrenaline.

Wild Africa has prepared for you an unforgettable experience and you can experience it yourself. As we said, just read the instruction on the introduction of codes and you will immediately understand that there is nothing complicated in this. Do not forget that to read the instructions you need to share this article in social networks. This is a mandatory condition that you must fulfill. In principle, this is all that is required of you, otherwise, just enjoy a free game.

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