Wild West: New Frontier Cheat codes for Gold, Cash, Android and iOS secrets

A new strategic game with the theme of the Farm has been released. In order to use the free Hack Wild West: New Frontier without mod downloading, you should carefully read this article. This game has many elements that essentially distinguish it from other similar games, for example, from the game Farm On. If you already have experience in these games, then you will easily find many differences. In other matters, you must remember that each game is interesting in its own way. Free receipt of Gold and Money will become possible after you use the cheat codes Wild West: New Frontier. Kill free time and spend it on your own farm. Develop the infrastructure of your small town, buy land and place there various ranches, farms, mills and so on. But do not forget that all this needs to be constantly monitored in order to avoid unnecessary monetary costs. Very often, players want to quickly and efficiently develop their farm, but this requires a lot of money and gold. What to do in this case?

Cheats Wild West: New Frontier for Android:

  • 89,000 Gold – N_Db98qwhf
  • 40 000 Cash – D_dh239rhi
  • No Ads – G_th3092hef

It is very important in time to serve visitors who come or visit your farm. They buy milk, flour, eggs and many other goods. All these products can bring you a lot of Experience, Gold and Money, if you will be caring for animals and plants in time. Watch the logical chain and remember that if you buy land, then corn grains and plant them, then you need to look after them and water them. Beyond that, you need to buy a special mill, which is spinning a donkey and making corn flour for sale. Only then can you benefit from your purchases.

Secrets in the game Wild West: New Frontier, free of charge Gold, Money and Experience:

Do not make your customers wait, because they can get angry and leave without paying money. On the farm there is no time to rest. You have to monitor everything and get additional resources, if you want a rapid development of the game. Be sure to read the instructions on our website. But before, you must unlock it. This will help you to get additional resources in the game quickly and for free. You do not need to download mod Wild West: New Frontier for this or get the rights to hack, just spread this information on social networks.

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