Wild West Village Hack and cheats for Gold and Lives, Android and iOS

Use a hack Wild West Village, which does not require the download of mod. Imagine that you are the governor of a small city in the Wild West. Bright colors and high-quality graphics are sure to please even the most demanding players. You can get a lot of Gold coins and resume the number of lives as soon as you want. Thus, you can give yourself the right to make mistakes and get an unlimited amount of experience in the game. In addition, every player can improve their city. The inhabitants of this settlement believe in you high hopes. Can you handle all three tasks in a row? If not, we will gladly help you quickly and for free.

Cheats Wild West Village for Android and Io for free:

  • Get 19 000 Gold coins – D-fhw039ghe, free of charge
  • 5 Lives – T-h0249wghw0, the code is valid if you do not have any lives left
  • Double the additional resources of W-fh2039ghv0 (at the time of solving the puzzle)

Many are surprised that this type of hacking is so simple and free. The fact is that these codes are part of the game, we just give you the code for confirmation. This method is used by game developers during its testing. You can also do it quickly and for free, but do not forget to read the instructions on our website. All the information and details you need about how to enter cheat codes Wild West Village, you will find there too. Your main task in the game is to build a big city, but no matter how hard you try, you can not do it unless you solve puzzles three in a row. It’s very simple. Use free resources to buy additional items if you need it and combine the same shapes and colors.

Do I need to download mod Wild West Village for life and Gold coins:

You should know that you do not need to do this. Each player can get a huge amount of additional virtual currency without investing money in the game. All the details you can find in our instructions. For now, your main task is to get free codes in the game. Build the most beautiful city using our tips and secrets Wild West Village. To successfully solve puzzles, you will definitely need experience. To do this, you must devote a little more time to the game. Thanks to this, each player will be able to build a huge city in which happy and happy residents will live.

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