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World Conqueror 3 Hack, cheats

The meaning of the application itself is to capture all the points and destroy all units of enemy equipment. It is also possible to build armored cars and hire infantry, this requires iron and gold. To quickly restore resources, do not forget to capture oil rigs or enter cheats on the world conqueror 3.
To defend their towers, you can build defensive forts: bunker, land port, coastal artillery. Which will not allow quickly to break through the defense from the flank and hold for some time the attack of the enemy. The main thing to remember is that they are built several moves, although you can use the cheats of hacking the world conqueror 3 and build everything instantly and without resources.

Hacked World Conqueror 3 without downloading mod apk:

Another little pleasant thing is the attack of infantry and equipment from the air, so we build: anti-air gun, anti-air artillery, missile. If nevertheless the infantry was destroyed, you can easily summon reinforcements from the headquarters: light, assault, motorized, comando.
It helps to destroy the enemy – air bombing. Namely: fighter, bomber, paratrooper, strategic bomber. In addition to point bombardment, you can drop the landing force into the right place, which will be able to reverse the course of the battle.
In the game there are such resources as: iron, energy, gold, fuel. For every action, fuel is taken away, but with each new horse a certain amount of it is restored.

Cheats World Conqueror 3 for Android and iOS for free:

1) Defuse all mines on the map – P-r92q8wf
2) One hundred thousand resources: gold, iron, fuel (oil, gasoline, oil) – n-frh029qw
3) The Immortal Army – q-fhrg28qw
4) Build buildings instantly – S-rg28qwrf
5) Energy – 2-oaj295r
6) cheats on medals in the world conqueror 3 – l-tg28qwt
7) Stars – I-2qwgbf
8) restore the fleet – a-ght0392
9) do not need to heal the army (restore lives instantly) – m-sl39thg
world conqueror 3 russian version (russian)

For many people it is interesting to go or start your favorite game in a clear language, and to understand the details is easier and even more interesting. We tried and translated all the dialogs and training from the menu, you need to enter the letter cheat code of hacking world conqueror 3 – g39w8tefi, and the application itself will be updated. After restarting the game, it will be fully translated into Russian.

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