World of Warships Blitz Gold, codes, Cheat, Android & iOS, not mods

If you are a fan of sea battles, then rather download a new free game World of Warships Blitz for Android. Ios owners will need to wait for the official release of the game for this type of device. But at the moment you can use the secrets that are described in this article. This is the reason why you are looking for all possible methods of obtaining gold coins and silver. The game is strategic, so without additional virtual resources you can not do. Hack World of Warships Blitz violates the rules of the game, we do not recommend you use this method. But in this article you will find secret codes, which are the key to free getting a lot of gold and silver. In addition, you can increase the level of experience. This is a very important element if you want to fight other players online. Secret codes will allow you to improve the game, thereby you can get more pleasure from the gameplay.

Bonus codes World of Warships Blitz for Anodroid and Ios:

  • Double EXP – TM*bhJLFQc
  • + 79 000 Silver Coins – Y4*zdGnF2s
  • + 4,900 Gold Coins – LU*zMrlL3F

If you need even more virtual resources, then do not wait and enter the World of Warships Blitz cheats again. This method will allow you to get rid of all the enemies that attack your ships and destroy enemy submarines. This is not just a sea battle. Privilege of this game is realistic graphics, which will make you feel like a real captain of the ship.

Secrets of the correct introduction of codes, obtaining a large amount of gold for free:

To begin with, you need to get used to managing the game, and it’s not so easy. If you want to destroy the enemy by spending a minimum amount of ammunition, then you should be able to aim very accurately and know all the weak points of the enemy. Thanks to the easy management of the game, you can touch the ship from all directions with one touch, assess the degree of difficulty of the injuries and quickly eliminate the threat.

If you carefully read the instructions that are on our website and show how to correctly enter the codes, then you will be sure that you do not need to download mod World of Warships Blitz. This is just a ruse of fraudsters, which allows them to earn money. Share this article on social networks, in a few minutes you will get full access to the instructions. After that, enter the cheats correctly and enjoy the game.


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