World War Doh Android Codes for free Elixir and Experience

Join the rapidly developing strategy 1 on 1. World War Doh is a game where you can fight online. Become a commander and take part in bloody battles for the source extract. Free gems allow you to gain access to all the units and gain more experience in the game. Here you do not need to engage in the construction site, the units only. Elixir is necessary to create a certain kind of units, for this you need to choose a card and put their barracks. It disappears immediately after the appearance of new characters. Then you put your flag as a gathering point for his army. On the opposite side of the card is your opponent to which there are two approaches. Choosing the right strategy and the presence of a strong team to win and allow to get more resources. Use secret codes for more money in the game.

Purchases WORLD WAR DOH:

  • 25,000 Elixir – jX#sH7CJG
  • Double experience – IJ#m2d6ob

A large number of units that may use the player in the battles. Each of them has its own characteristics, power, health, amount, rate and recovery rate. You can buy them for the elixir, many are looking for hack WORLD WAR DOH. To unlock access to the road map and to strengthen your team. Downloading mod and obtaining root or jailbreak rights can only hurt you. Additional elixir in the game you can only get in the game store.

The game has a very pleasant and high-quality graphics. Interesting and often funny characters that ridiculous move, but very effective in the battle. Having a lot of money WORLD WAR DOH you can leave a wet spot of your opponent. The main advantage of the game is the multiplayer. Spent 5 fights with computers you will access it and be able to join the battle. A very important strategy, you can attack first, or focus more on defense.

World War Doh money

There are two lanes for the offensive. Do not leave them without protection, and watch carefully for the actions of the opponent. Choose a team of different characters. To win, you need not only resources, but also command and control strategy. You need to outwit the opponent and give orders correctly. Break in the territory and destroy their opponent’s head. Celebrate your victory. Each of them will bring you bonuses, rewards and experience. By increasing the level you will open access to the new cards.


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