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Worms 4 hack

Many users certainly played as a child on a computer with friends in the cult game of Worms, and so the new version of hack Worms 4 is already on the screens of mobile and tablet devices of the android system. Although it is not free and is available for 200 rubles, we decided to create alphabetic codes for hacking Worms 4 into an android, which will allow you to download the game for free.

Cheat codes Worms 4 for free, Android and iOS:

  • Install on android for free – 2-gr98qwf
  • View all worms (characters) – 5-gv0392
  • Immortality (life does not fall below one, you can kill only by drowning) – 7-h09t2qwtf
  • All weapons are available and it is infinite – 3-fg023f
  • Teleport to the place where he clapped his finger -4-gf98t2q
  • cheats for unlimited time on the attack – 5-gf982t
  • money (bucks) – 1-gt9238
  • offline – 9-hr029qw

Let’s first get acquainted with the new, fourth part of the worms and think about whether the user should bother and play it. The first thing that meets us with the launch of the application, except for the custom menu is the graphics. It has changed significantly and significantly improved the details of all the components of the location (now the cards look more cute and smoothed, the developers have finally removed their obsolete textures, which moved from series to series).

Hacked Worms 4:

Also very pleased that there were several classes of characters in the Worms 4 android heroes of the same size. Another diminished and the size of the locations themselves, which promises a comfortable game on the mobile devices of the android system.

Downloading mod Worms 4, yes or not:

You do not need to download mod apk. The goal itself remained unchanged: the user still has to fight in turn-based strategy, the team for the team. The only thing – a somersault that helps to climb the hill in the Worms 4 is now forward, not back, so it’s easier to play.

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