WWE Tap Mania hack code for Android & iOS, free Money & Gold – not mod

Wrestling battles in the new, free WWE Tap Mania on Android and iOS. Download the game and enjoy the endless battles with the stars. Collect your team of superstars and increase their characteristics. Use the money and gold to unlock new sets of characters in the game. Occupy high places in the international wrestling federation. Endless battles, new team members and constant improvements. To increase the number of stars of your hero, use money and gold. Hack WWE Tap Mania promises players infinite resources. But many sites ask to enter personal data, or download suspicious files. By doing this, you can lose personal data. Using the bonus codes of the game you quickly and safely receive money on the account, without downloading mod files. To do this, it is enough to have the codes and learn how to enter them.

Cheats WWE Tap Mania for Android:

  • 1,340 gold – FWZF-CQ02
  • 3,150 gold – ZVS5-T104
  • 125 600 money – AEEW-W6UP
  • 320 000 money – EO3U-9DWJ

Using the codes for free purchases, the player gets a significant advantage. Restore energy, carry out character enhancements without restrictions and buy new sets with characters. This allows you to quickly raise the level and build a team with superstars. To use WWE Tap Mania cheats is very simple, just follow the instructions. Each player on his device can refill the account in a couple of minutes.

Review, tips for passing and receiving money:

The game has a wonderful graphics with a lot of famous characters. Office as in any clicker is very simple, tap on the opponent to deal blows. The higher the level of your character, the more damage you will inflict. Each team member has a super kick, it can be used as soon as energy is restored. Quickly destroying rivals you earn money on the account. Meet with the bosses, collect and improve your deck.

In order to become a WWE champion, you will need a premium currency. Many offer to download WWE Tap Mania mod and get unlimited resources. Using these secrets, you can do without downloading. Bonus codes allow you to quickly improve and improve the level, speed up the passage and unlock the unique skills of each team member. Create a team of stars and fight with your friends, show your battle skills and get rewards for winning.

WWE Tap Mania cheat codes


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