Xtreme Racing 2 for Android, free Diamonds and Coins, secrets

One of the best simulation of races on radio-controlled cars for Android Xtreme Racing 2. This arcade race in which you will perform tricks, go around obstacles and improve your car. Come to the finish line first and get the money as a reward. Coins and crystals are the main currency in the game. And if you can get gold coins as a reward for winning the race, the jewels the player can receive only for significant victory, or the discovery of new territory.  This driving simulator allows you to disassemble the machine and to put new engines and more. This will increase the maximum speed and defeat an opponent in a fair race. Download Xtreme Racing 2 you can for free on your mobile device, and enjoy a dynamic race. Have a fast car to win is not enough. It is necessary to closely monitor the track, collect nitro and jump on trampolines, to show the best results. Fast and furious race like many fans of the genre.

Purchases Xtreme Racing 2:

  • 50 000 gold coins – ERE7VcddSVt
  • 6350 Diamond – VCZWFTZsmYz

The game has a very colorful and intense graphics, even toy cars do not introduce you to the hype. Effect of battle is no different from the actual races. Who played and remembers Re Volt, one immediately understands what it is like this development. The game has a wide variety of cars and tracks, they diversify the gameplay. Burn the asphalt and perform a variety of tricks to win and get a decent reward.

Everyone is trying to earn as much as possible, because the coins and diamonds can unlock all cars and parts. Players are often looking for Xtreme Racing 2 hack to gain an advantage. Get the victory without the availability of resources is difficult. The game has a game store where you can purchase the premium currency. It allows you to instantly establish a more powerful parts to the machine and increase its performance. This increases the chances of the battle and enables faster to open new points on the map.

Xtreme Racing 2 mod

In addition to coins and crystals in the game there is fuel. It ends with each race to recover to be expected for some time. But having money Xtreme Racing 2, you can always buy more fuel and continue through the game. In the garage you can improve the characteristics of your car, buy stickers. To change the appearance, you can install the new wheels, spoiler and set up chassis. After creating a car, you can go to the multiplayer mode and compete with friends. Get even more rewards with free shopping.


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