Zombie Crisis Cheat Codes for Diamonds, Coins for free, Android and iOS

In the game of zombies, the most important thing is that they are good weapons. Hack Zombie crisis will help you destroy all these creatures that have taken over the earth. Like most zombie games, this game has a standard story. An unknown virus that was extracted by scientists infected a large number of people and your task is to destroy as many zombies as possible so that the virus does not spread. If it’s important for you to get a lot of virtual currency for buying weapons and other ammunition, then enter the Zombie crisis cheats. These are special codes that will help you get a huge amount of Diamonds and Coins. The most interesting is always waiting for players at the end of the level. If a fan of this game, then you already know what we are talking about. You have to get a lot of resources with which you can provide yourself with the necessary protection against mutants. They attack even when you shoot them, that is, the zombie lacks fear. You can also use it with benefits.

Bonus codes Zombie Crisis for free:

  • To get 9,000 diamonds – W-rh30w9ef, to buy VIP items in the game store
  • 70 000 Coins – V-rh039qwfh, will help you to improve the hero and buy weapons
  • To double the experience, type A-fh0w9efh, this will help you to quickly open new levels

It is very important not to panic when you need to recharge. You should aim straight at the head of the zombie, so you can earn more bonuses and save cartridges. During the mission, you can expect different adventures in the game Zombie Crisis. During one task, you can get a lot of experience, shoot zombies from cover, ride a car and simultaneously fire back from infected dogs that will haunt you all the way. But most importantly, you have to defeat the boss of the boss. This is not so simple, because he has only one vulnerable point – a black shell on his chest. Try to aim precisely there and remember that the harder the level, the more terrifying monsters will wait for you.

Cheat codes without downloading mod Zombie Crisis, secrets:

Of course, the most important element of the game is the bright battles. Your teammates will help you, but you also need to go through several levels alone. Of course, this is more terrible and the game becomes more gloomy. But if you use only proven and most expensive weapons – you can become the best fighter. Get a lot of experience and adrenaline from this horrific, but very interesting game and enter free cheat codes.

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