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Zombie Escape hack

Zombie Escape – Escape from the zombies continues a crazy line of games dedicated to adrenaline runaways from all bloodthirsty evil spirits. This time you will get away from the face of a boy or girl in amazing 3d-locations, fighting off stupid, but powerful zombie monsters. The choice of 4 roles, each of which is armed with its own means of defense. It can be a knife, a bit, and something else. So ahead is not only the speeding cross through the crossed terrain of the three species, but also the opportunity to steal from time to time the pursuers.

Cheat codes Zombie Escape for Android and iOS, not mod:

  • Get + 300 000 Cash for free – D-fh039wf
  • Unlock 3 Items in the game – O-vhf093wf
  • No Das – E-hf039wf

The game abounds with resources for the pumping of characters: coins that increase strength, green crystals of life, chests with treasures, cheat. You can get a whole day of high-speed running, if you perform special tasks. And any new game day begins with a gift. Each hero is stronger than the previous one, and to replace it, you will have to accumulate a fair amount of wealth and spend a little real money. But there is an alternative – put a cheat on Zombie Escape and forget about the material.

How to hack Zombie Escapefor free, for 5 minutes avoiding a ban in the game?

Hacked Zombie Escape, which is a cheat codes, opens access to resources, allowing you to quickly reach the most interesting levels. After all, the escape gradually begins to be accompanied by super-pleasant surprises in the form of fairy-tale allies or magical deviсe. So if for a long time nothing happens, then you should speed up the progress by using the hacking of the game, train your skills and pass the game freely. Runner “Zombie Escape” does not have the status of a networker, but you can play it together from one device. The main thing is to think in time to all the secrets of control through the touch screen – only so are running, jumping, turning and protective attacks of characters.

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