Zombie Faction – Battle Games hack Android Cheat codes – free Gems & Food

Zombie apocalypse has come, can you survive in such harsh conditions? Zombie Faction – Battle Games is a free strategy for Android and iOS. Download it for free and enjoy the adventure, fight with zombies and lead the people. You have to create a civilization at first, but before that you have to clean up the territories. Create your own lair and join the survivors. You have to unite everyone around you and create a new home for people. To do this you will need precious stones, food, parts for repair. Hack Zombie Faction – Battle Games promises players unlimited resources and money. The use of hacking can harm your device, but you can always get the missing resources with the help of bonus codes. The money in the game will allow you to quickly expand your own bungalow and develop it to accommodate more people. The main task of the game is to survive and for this you need to protect your own house, as well as constantly search for resources on abandoned buildings.

Codes Zombie Faction – Battle Games:

  • 4 500 gems – RN#wyyWgyi
  • 17 500 food – Wv#uBy3D1w
  • 17 500 spare parts – C3#PSghVJ3

Use the money to unlock new territories and open chests. This will help you find new people to the team and to settle them in the safety of the building. Protect the bungalow is needed not only from stupid zombies, but also from thieves and other players. Anarchy reigns in the world, there is no government that can protect you. Using cheats Zombie Faction – Battle Games, the player gains a significant advantage in speed of building and raising the level.

The game has high-quality graphics and convenient controls. Choose directions with one button, the other use your character’s skills. Every survivor can benefit you, or harm your home. It’s worth to be careful and consider everyone for a potential enemy. But you have a common mission, to cleanse the land of the dead. Resources you will receive by exploring other shelters, with this you need to use the capabilities and skills of all team members.

Use the money and resources to build a powerful defense of your base. Now the player does not need to risk security and download the mod Zombie Faction – Battle Games. It is enough to use secret codes for free purchases and get a significant advantage over other players. Bend others to get their resources and strengthen their own defense. Here everyone for himself, make alliances with other refugees to strengthen their capabilities.

Zombie Faction - Battle Games cheat codes


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