Zombie Faction Cheat codes for Gems, Food, Unlock all for Android and iOS

It’s a game about a real zombie apocalypse. And if you need a real hack Zombie Faction without downloading a mod that really will bring you a lot of money, then you are not wasting this article for nothing. Be sure to read the contents of this article and read the instructions on our website. It is necessary for you to be able to correctly enter cheats Zombie Faction, and this is important. Using the secrets for a quick hacking game to remember the important factors. This kind of hacking must be necessarily safe otherwise, you risk losing your personal data. Using free cheat codes you have the opportunity to significantly improve the gameplay, but no matter how hard you try, you do not get enough resources without the experience, which is necessary in any case.

Using cheat codes Zombie Faction is free for Android and IOS:

  • To get 86,000 Crystals, enter the code W-fh3029wg, this is the most precious and important currency without which you will not be able to make major purchases.
  • Get the maximum of the Peppers thanks to the code R-gh3y0w9egv for free.
  • Double the basic resources of F-gh320wg9e, you will get more food, nuts and other resources, including energy.
  • You can block ads with the code B-fh39wfh.

More detailed information you will receive after reading the instructions. The use of resources will bring you a lot of virtual currency, but you first of all need to cope well with the game process. Something happened that you have long feared. In your city, a zombie virus has appeared that infects all people, but you have immunity to it, which means that you are the chosen one and you have to fight with the hordes of walking dead. This is not easy, because they are everywhere and do not know pity. If you do not succeed in killing a zombie in time, he will certainly attack you and everything may end in loss.

Do I need to download the Zombie Faction mod for free Crystals and Resources:

In addition to standard resources, you also need food, spare parts and, of course, weapons. Without weapons, you definitely can not cope with such a difficult task. But you can resist and slip away from the clutches of monsters, if you follow the set plan. You do not need to download a mod to hack the game. Just read the instructions and enter the correct codes. In read about this in more detail in our instructions. Everything is free and reliable, because this method has already helped a large number of fans of this game. To become better and develop your hero – do not need to spend money. Get experience and fight horrific bosses.

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