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Zombie hive hack, cheats

Many, probably, have already noticed how many films and serials about zombies have appeared. And of course they are full of aggression and murder. To stop a dead person will not be enough to just wound him or shoot a part of his body, you have to hit him directly in the head. Thanks to this games with this theme are gaining popularity quickly and the application called “Zombie High” is proof of this.

Cheat codes Zombie hive for free, Android and iOS:

1) Enter the alphabetic code for gold – Sx-fgt3289fw
2) Boosters for specialists – Zp-fhg209f
3) Very rare mercenaries – Np-g2189fri
4) Quarry – lh-298fwcd
5) turret (laser gun) – Le-hr28qwf0
6) improve warriors and engineering robots to the maximum – Ew-gt2983wf
7) a thousand tracks (crystals) – lz-hfg1289wf
8) Quantum cube – Zb-2v9f8wc
9) super DNA – Tg-fr2g98wf

The genre of the game is a shooter in which the user needs to destroy the hordes of “walking dead” resurrected from the dead and make their way to a certain point of deployment or to the place of storage of resources or weapons. To increase the situation in hack Zombie hive, the user is attacked not only by zombies, but also by various impure forces and mutants, much more powerful, stronger and more resilient than previous opponents.

Hacked Zombie hive without downloading mod apk:

The plot in general is not very intricate, as is always the fault of scientists who built a laboratory with a huge number of floors (one thousand). In this building, experiments were created and conducted on weapons of mass destruction. As in the film “the abode of evil,” this base was hidden deep underground and put in multi-level protection, in order to protect residents from a leak or explosion.

As usual, something went wrong, the building was swallowed up by an unknown virus so far. Now only the user of the game Zombie hive with a group of subordinates can solve this problem by clearing all 1000 levels and saving the surviving people.

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