Zombie Invasion free Anroid game. Review and tips, not downloading mod

Zombie Invasion – Smash ’em All is a casual game available for free download on your Android and iOS devices. Game of the genre of casual games. Here you will not see the best graphics, but will meet many interesting characters. Zombies in the game is really attractive. Though created in 2D graphics, but pleasing to the eye. But for a long time to enjoy their appearance is not necessary. After all, the main task of the game is to strangle the zombies. You will meet a variety of corpses and skeletons and fatties. They differ not only in appearance, but also the speed of movement. As you progress through the levels you will know the enemy in the face, and it will be easier to kill them. The more spots you leave on the field the more coins will get as a result of passing a level.

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Dozens of interesting levels await you. Attention and perseverance is not enough for their passage.. I strongly re In the game there are boosters that many people want to get. Right up ready to download hack Zombie Invasion – Smash ’em All !commend not to commit such acts. The rules allow you to get additional mines, lives and bombs. Using the secrets and codes from the test version the player can get the money and buy additional bonuses.

You can not just click on the screen. After all you are on the basis of surviving, and that’s where they come to save. Therefore, in a crowd of people are living is killing whom you are losing. In the upper right corner you will see life. Hearts will end as soon as you miss a dead man. To win, you can use the time dilation. This will sort out the confusing situation. After all waves of zombies are so massive, and deal with them is practically impossible.

Download Zombie Invasion – Smash ’em All you can on Android & iOS official websites. This guarantees you the security and stability of the game. And collect coins is possible and without using tricks. If you really like the game, using the hack you will lose interest in it. The extra money will allow you to use all the weapons and consistently pass the levels. With each level you will meet more zombies on your way, and using bombs, mines and deceleration of time becomes necessary. To purchase these items players can use coins.

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