ZOMBIE KILL 3D PURGE THE CITY hack & code for iOS & Android, free Coins and Gems

The virus has spread around the world, zombies are walking down the street, download free ZOMBIE KILL 3D PURGE THE CITY to clear the territories. Complete the quest to destroy the zombies using powerful weapons. Getting too close is dangerous, so act from a distance. Use a sniper rifle and fight the target. Navigate to different points on the map and earn money. Coins and crystals will allow you to buy weapons and improve it. Often, players are looking for hack ZOMBIE KILL 3D PURGE THE CITY to get unlimited opportunities. In this article, you will learn how to get precious stones and money to an account without downloading programs and getting root or jailbreak rights. In the game you can find a large number of tasks to successfully execute it you need to have a powerful rifle. Destroy the zombies wandering along the street and moving on the transport and stay alive.

Cheats ZOMBIE KILL 3D PURGE THE CITY for Android and iOS:

  • 1 000 000 coins (code for a lot of money) – Eb#22Ndb7o5
  • 50,000 Gems – LP#0tUY3IuS

Full free action, having resources the player quickly raises the level and unlocks weapons. Using premium currency you can buy paid items and make instant improvements. A sight, a new store, an improved muzzle – buying and installing new items will improve overall characteristics. Performing tasks quickly and with the best result you get more experience and a cash reward. Cheats ZOMBIE KILL 3D PURGE THE CITY give complete freedom of purchase in the game.

Review, tips and secrets of the game:

The game has excellent graphics with precise detail and effects. A beautiful drawing of weapons, clear management and different tasks. In your hands, stop spreading viruses around the world. Destroy the key zombies to win this fight for life. This is a sniper simulator in association with your favorite zombie theme. Keep the goal, hold your breath and shoot. See a slow-moving bullet flight and enjoy accurate shots.

Download mod ZOMBIE KILL 3D PURGE THE CITY for free. Do this only on trusted sites. Secret codes work only on official versions of the game downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store. Equip your weapons and increase their characteristics to cope with complex tasks. Everyone can free unlock and buy any weapons using bonus codes. Study the instructions and follow the advice to get complete freedom. Share secrets with friends.



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