Zombie Rush Cheat codes for Gems, Potion, Gold, Android and iOS, not mod

It’s just an incredible rider, in which you will see a lot of zombies and monsters. Hack Zombie Rush ? – the Dead Runner Game will allow you not to spend real money on the passage, you can absolutely enjoy your favorite arcade game. Manage zombies and other horrible monsters in an endless race. On your way there will be various resources, but you can get additional features without downloading Zombie Rush mod files. Do you already know how to just hack the game? You just need to enter cheat codes. Besides, this can not be called a real hacking. These are just codes that are completely safe. We mean that you have to get a real virtual currency, which will bring you many improvements in the gameplay. Once you can get more resources in the game, you make the game more interesting. The zombie runs and overcomes any obstacles. If you do not have enough experience or you have not yet learned the game card, your hero may find himself in a ditch.

Cheats Zombie Rush ? – the Dead Runner Game free download for Android and Ios:

  • Get 10 times more gold for free – B-gh3t0g9ev. You can take the Gold from Igor, if you catch up with him, but these resources will not be enough for this, you need more Gold.
  • Using 90 000 Crystals you can improve the gameplay for free. Get the opportunity to hack the game for free and quickly and buy the necessary items.
  • In addition to gold, Igor also stole Potion. Get +2,000 Potions for free for Android and IOS.

You can use these resources in the quantities that are necessary for you. In addition to all visible bonuses, you can also read secret information, thanks to which you will get the opportunity to use cheat codes. Having received more resources, you will automatically increase the level of the game and discover many new levels. The further – the more interesting.

Hacked Zombie Rush ? – the Dead Runner Game for free, the secrets of introducing codes:

Once Igor was a faithful servant of Dracula, but one day something went wrong and he went insane. Now you must catch up with the traitor and take away the Potion, Crystals and Gold that he stole. Be careful, in order to accelerate to the maximum speed, you need to focus on the obstacles that may suddenly appear on your way. Be sure to distribute this article in social and get many opportunities in the game.

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