Zombie Offroad Safari hack for Android, free Gems and Money – cheat codes

Zombie Offroad Safari is a colorful game that you can download for free on Android and iOS. Here you become the driver of a 4×4 truck that can be equipped with weapons and travel around the outskirts of the city. Clean the area from the zombie shooting and ramming them. Entire crowds of living dead will try to destroy you, the main thing is not to stop. On the map, you can find weapons that have a limited number of cartridges. Collect such boosters to cope with a whole crowd of enemies. The game features a premium currency in the gems going. With their help it is possible to modernize and buy new types of transport. Using money, you can restore life. Therefore, often players try to find a hack Zombie Offroad Safari to get unlimited resources. Many sites offer to enter personal data, for the wrapping of crystals. It’s not safe, it may cause data loss. Use the bonus codes for free purchases to get unlimited money in the game for free and without downloading.

Zombie Safari Codes:

  • 2,750 diamonds – VD#W0zSJWk
  • 7,540 diamonds – DF#GW592Wk

Each player can get free additional resources for Android and iOS. Codes allow you to make the game free and play without limits. And the game is worth the attention of all fans of action, racing and games with zombies. Beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay and exciting tasks. Equip your jeep with deadly weapons and clear the territory of evil spirits. Cheats Zombie Offroad Safari will allow you to complete tasks without expectations and limitations.

Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world with dozens of enemy species. The main thing is not to stop, not to let yourself get it. Look at the map and collect weapons to destroy enemies and earn experience. By raising the level you will be able to unlock all kinds of cars for yourself. BTR, police and fire trucks. Each of them has its own properties and capabilities. Explore all the points on the map and find the treasure to unlock and carry out improvements to the car.

For the safety of your mobile device, download mod Zombie Offroad Safari is better from official Google Play sites, or Apple Strore. Several bright maps for study with control points. Destroying all the zombies, after which you will meet with the bosses. Treasures scattered on the map will bring new opportunities and bonuses. Study the highest points on the map and travel the moon. Low gravity and unusual landscapes and tasks. Use secrets to get money in the game and move on for free.

Zombie Safari cheat codes


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