Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io Android cheat codes, free Crysyals & Coins

Exciting action with a top view of Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io on Android & iOS. Download the game for free from official sites and enjoy fascinating battles against zombies. The game has a large number of weapons and skills. Endless battles against zombies and mutating animals. Destroy everyone in your path and stay alive. Collect rewards and receive gifts for passing levels. Earn money, gold and crystals to unlock and use new weapons. Often, players are looking for a free hack Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io. In this article you will find tips and codes for crystals and coins for free. Bonus codes allow you to enjoy the game and receive all the paid items. Quickly pass tasks, raise the level and unlock the most powerful weapons.

Codes Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io:

  • 14,760 coins for free – O8#2315ff*ie
  • 1,870 crystals – OS#WbYJdr*ey

The premium currency of the game will allow you to feel complete freedom and use all the items in the game. A classic shooter with a top view. Colorful graphics, high detail and easy management. Choose the direction of movement and fire. Look at the symbols showing the direction to the enemy and shoot ahead. Cheats Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io will allow you to buy expensive weapons and quickly enhance the skills of the character.

Each player dreams of having a large arsenal of combat equipment. As in any free game, there are restrictions on rewards. The obtained coins and crystals will not be enough to update weapons and skills in time. This complicates the passage of tasks and forces you to use a repeat pass. A game is worth the attention of every fan of shooter action. Interesting gameplay and a lot of unique characters.

Although zombies move slowly, they can attack quickly. Dodge the attacks and enter the endless fire. Downloading mod Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io, you get unlimited resources to the account if you trust the sites. But it’s safer to use free purchases through the game store. This is a legal way to get game currency. Destroy the zombies, monsters, choke them like bedbugs, using the most advanced weapons. Get rewards and share secrets with friends.

Zombie Shooter - Zombie.io cheat codes

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