Zombie Slayer Cheats for Diamonds and Gold Coins, Double EXP for free, Android Secrets and Tips

Many modes and vivid battles with zombie monsters in the game Zombie Slayer are already waiting for you. You can download this game for free for Android, but this game should soon be out for IOS devices. Use the secrets described in this article in order to get a lot of diamonds and gold coins. In order to use them you do not need to download Zombie Slayer hack or violate the rules of the game. Everything is extremely simple. There are special codes that need to be entered in the gaming account. With their help you can get a lot of virtual currency and thereby make the gameplay more interesting and bright. You can increase the level of your main character and increase the level of his energy and lives. Also, you can buy the necessary protection and weapons, which are important elements in the battles with bloodthirsty zombies.

Cheat codes Zombie Slayer for Android and IOS:

• 11,000 Diamonds – N_93wreud
• 130 000 Gold Coins – V_45eifhsde
• Double EXP – G_71ewifhiwxo

As you can see, there is a lot of virtual currency in the game, but Zombie Slayer diamonds are the main and most popular currency. Many players want to get them for free, but very often make mistakes and remain generally without remuneration. Of course, these resources can be earned with our own labor, but in fact, the expenditure of energy, time and energy is not worth it, that’s why we suggest that you use free secret codes.

How to enter cheats Zombie Slayer for gold and diamonds:

The longer you spend time in the game, the more experience you can earn. In fact, its number does not affect the amount of virtual currency, but you can improve the quality of the game process through experience. In order to remove restrictions in the game store, you do not have to download Zombie Slayer mod. This method can bring many problems and even lead to the loss of personal data.

Battles of zombies occur in different modes, and against the background you can see a variety of landscapes that bring brightness to the game. In order to unlock all locations – enter the cheat codes again. This amount of resources is enough for you to pay for any action in the game. You will indeed become invincible. Share this article on social networks in order to unlock the instructions.


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