Ztime Story free cheat codes for Android, Brain & Foods

Ztime Story is a new simulation game in which the main characters are zombies. In this game, you must gradually unlock the territory of the game card. But during this time, enemies appear on it. All white territories that prevent you from moving should be unlocked, otherwise you will not be able to win. Each player can and wants to get as many additional resources as possible, and for this you do not need to use the hack Ztime Story. In this game everything is different. Zombies attack and destroy human settlements. The faster you can get to the castle and knock out the doors, the faster you will win. The time in the game is limited, that is, you must quickly come up with the right tactics and overcome the task. At your disposal is an army of different characters who must defeat all enemies. You yourself can choose any character depending on his skills.

Bonus codes Ztime Story for Android and Ios:

  • 2 000 Brain – TYU#090*uie
  • 14 000 Food – UXI#984*uzj
  • Full Lives – CHI#839*ucz

There are many territories on the game map that you must conquer. Each level will become more complex and difficult. But you will receive more and more experience, which means that you will be able to cope with any task and with any problem. The only thing you do not have power over is the number of lives, but Ztime Story cheats will help you get an unlimited number of lives so that you can enjoy your favorite player at any time.

Game secrets, how to get a lot of resources:

In addition to life, you can also get food and brain. This will add more energy to your heroes, which means you can fight your opponents more effectively. In general, the gameplay can be exactly the way you need it. If you want to learn more secrets about this, then share this article in social networks. You will learn the game nuances that you did not even know about before.

Downloading Ztime Story mod is not the best idea, since our cheats only work on official versions of the game, which were downloaded from Google Play or App Story. Share this information with your friends and be sure to read the instructions for using the codes. If you want to get additional information, then it will come in handy.


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